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      Lifecasting achieves the most natural look in realistic figure art. This process allows for excellent detail and accurately captures figure proportion and dynamic poses. Our realistic human figures can contain details down to freckles, moles, pores, and veins. To help create this realism, we start with lifecasting off of models and finish with an extensive paint process that simulates the look of skin. These qualities are just not possible with "off the shelf" mannequins.

     Construction materials can vary. For durability purposes, we prefer to use plastic or fiberglass but flexible materials are available. Paint finishes vary too, and can be realistic, bronze, marble, wood, or monotone.

      While our art appeals mainly to businesses such as Museums, theme parks and other attractions, we also create commissioned works for individuals. We can provide faces, busts, torsos or 3D portraits, etc. for those not wanting a full body piece.

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