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What we do
The One Stop Prop Shop, Corp. is a custom fabrication studio specializing in lifecasting and extremely realistic human figures/statues, yet diversifying into props, sculptures, and faux finishes in order to better serve our client’s various needs.

Who can utilize our services
exhibit designers, interior designers, architects, home and business owners

For what
theme parks/attractions, museums, trade shows/conventions, home/business interiors, restaurants/retail, and film/television

Just some of the things that we create
sculptures large or small and everything in between--one of a kind or multiples, low relief sculpts, lifecasting, ornamental architecture, moldmaking and casting, purchase/modify/install props, faux finishes.

Partial list of previous clients
Universal Studios, Disney, Holy Land, Portland Oregon Airport, Purdue University, Audubon, Brooker Creek Preserve, Bass Pro Shops

While there are too many materials available to list, some of the common materials we work in are the following:

Sculpting mediums
  • various rigid and flexible polyurethane foams
  • polysterene foam aka “white bead foam”
  • Oil and waterbased clays
  • wax

  • Finished products
  • urethane resins (plastic and rubber)
  • fiberglass
  • epoxy
  • latex
  • silicone
  • plaster: hydrocal, ultracal
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