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The definition:
Lifecasting is a fascinating process that is able to get details down to skin texture and fingerprints. Combined with the proper paint job you will believe that you are looking an actual person. For a more classical look other paint finishes such as bronze or marble can be created instead.

Same face, different paint finish.

What to expect:
The process is relaxing like getting a facial however one must hold a pose for 30 to 45 min depending upon the amount of the area being molded. For children’s hands we have a faster process that takes 10 min. as long as it is an uncomplicated pose. We have several different techniques. Here we will discuss our most popular one which gets the most detail. Typically 2 lifecasting artists will be working with you in order to shorten the time you are covered in materials and to cover the area before the material “sets up”. All our materials are safe medical grade products. Our main lifecasting artist, Amy Wieck, has over 10 yrs. experience lifecasting individuals from ages 6 to 60! We constantly test new techniques and materials in order to give you the best quality!

The Process: (below are some photos from different lifecast sessions)
We begin by discussing the pose with the client and making sure that they can hold that pose for the time required. Then we prep the model with props to help them hold the pose, pillows to make them comfortable, and lotion/Vaseline to keep any body hair from sticking to the materials. We mix the alginate and apply it while it is in its pudding consistency stage. After about 10 min. it turns to a rubbery consistency which we then support by applying plaster bandages—10 to 15 min. It takes another 10 to 15 min for these to dry. Once they are rigid then we slowly remove all the materials from the area being cast. At that point your modeling participation in the lifecasting is complete. We then cast plaster into the mold that we have created directly from you. After several hours, we remove the casting, clean it up, let it dry for several days, and then paint it.

1) Posing the model.   2) Lumpy Alginate mix was a result of not having the correct mixer. However, we still managed to get a beautiful lifecast.   3) Plaster bandages being applied.
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