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Amy M. Wieck
Longwood, FL

Main medium: Mixed Media Sculpture

Phone: 321.356.3346

Interests: kayaking, the environment,
reading, watching horror films

Amy M. Wieck, born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, is a sculptor, scenic artist, and make-up artist who mixes it all together to create themed environments for various theme parks, museums, theatres, retail stores, etc. world wide. After graduating in 1992, from Florida State University with a B.S. in Studio Art and minors in Theatre Tech and Film Studies, she moved to Orlando. During her early years in Orlando, she worked days for the Ripley's Believe It or Not! art department creating realistic human figures. In the evenings, she volunteered as the marketing director for the local grassroots independent film festival, the Central Florida Film & Video Festival. After several years, she went to work for various scenic shops in order to learn more techniques and to learn the business. Highlights of her career have included prop master for Triceratops Encounter at Universal Florida & River Ride at Universal Japan. For the River Ride project, she spent 2 months working in--and exploring--Central Japan where she played “tour guide” to her American coworkers as soon as the workday ended. In 2002, she incorporated her own company, One Stop Prop Shop, Corp. Outside of her commercial work she is active in the local arts scene exhibiting in gallery shows and alternative venues, participating in sidewalk chalk festivals, and helping out at the community theatres. Influenced from working in both theatres and scenic shops, her personal work tends to be theatrical. Her mixed media pieces utilize an endless array of materials and techniques-- the knowledge of which she brings over from her commercial work.

Artist’s Statement
Currently, I am exploring the complex nature of personalities. I am fascinated by the duality of both harmonious and hypocritical traits within each of us. Utilizing a technique called Lifecasting, I capture a moment in time of real people, create multiple copies of each person, and then give each piece their own history. Each piece is painted with many layers of paint in order to create visually intriguing finishes. By giving the same image different finishes, I am expressing the complex nature of personalities. Faces have not been included in order to avoid giving a specific identity to any of the pieces. Instead each torso could be anyone or “everyman”.

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